Nikon BioImaging Lab

Grand Opening Live Stream

Wednesday, May 29 • 3pm EDT

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Located in Lexington, Massachusetts, the new Nikon BioImaging Lab (NBIL) is a fully equipped research and innovation facility that highlights cutting-edge microscope-based imaging and analysis technologies and contract services to the biotech, pharmaceutical, and larger research communities. 

We welcome you to join us for a live stream of the NBIL's Grand Opening on May 29, 2024 at 3:00 PM EDT.

The event will include talks from two leading scientists who will discuss how the research community collaborates with biotech companies to turn academic discoveries into practical healthcare solutions.

Featured Speakers

Catherine Feuillet, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer at Inari Agriculture

As the CSO of Inari, Dr. Feuillet works to solve the critical issues of food security and sustainability by designing nature-positive seed. Catherine leads a group of ~100 scientists working to advance a technology platform that integrates A.I.-powered predictive design and advanced multiplex gene editing tools to develop seeds that meet the world’s needs – all in far less time and with much greater precision and far fewer resources than current approaches.

W. Gregory Sawyer, Ph.D.

Chief BioEngineering Officer and Chair of the Department of BioEngineering at the Moffitt Cancer Center

Prior to joining Moffitt, Dr. Sawyer served as a member of the original Mars Rover design team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and led the first space-tribology experiments on the International Space Station (ISS). Sawyer switched his research focus from space to cancer engineering in 2013 after receiving his own cancer diagnosis. He now uses his engineering skills to develop ways to 3D print, grow and study cancer tumors in hopes of improving diagnosis and disease management.

Special Guest

Elizabeth Carr

Elizabeth Carr is the first baby born via in vitro fertilization in the United States. In the media since 3 cells old, Elizabeth is a passionate advocate for those fighting for fertility rights, striving to educate and empower people based on her life experiences and expertise within the fertility world. She has presented to audiences around the globe, including at the United Nations, ASRM, ESHRE, and the national infertility association, RESOLVE. Elizabeth was also an honorary judge of the 2002 Nikon Small Photomicrography Competition.

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